New proposal for Supporting Beagleboard

Dear All:

I propose the followings

a) A web 2.0 web to host official supported library, third-party library, documentation, etc. (See Every one can edit the non-official pages.

b) Organize the documentation according to

→ Linux specific configuration e.g., network, booting, user configuration, etc.

→ Programming language e.g., C, C++, Python, etc.

→ Subsystems such as GPIO, USB, Ethernet.

c) Add-on board or cape.


This is only possible if OEM provides the web site and support. With this BBB will grow into a microsystem, just like or arduino.

Hor Meng

Thank you for your suggestion. I am sure this would be helpful for some people.


While it is not “web 2.0” there already exists an official wiki that every one can edit - with some pages locked to only the admins.

While I’m not a big fan of the wiki interface, I think it would be best to poll the people ALREADY contributing to make sure that a new interface would not turn them off…since I’d much rather have the current supporters continue helping out than just hope “build it and they will come” takes off.

Agreed. And that is what the public will be for. We are working to set it up.

I control the support Wiki and will continue to do so because I don’t have the time to fix all the bad stuff on that Wiki by well meaning folks who lack the required knowledge in areas such as hardware and the design itself.

Anything from will be checked out before it goes onto the support Wiki. The public one will be able to be edited by anyone.


Can’t wait for this to happen!

Me neither. Been in the works for weeks.