New To Beagle Board, Looking for some setup info regarding to ENV

Hello, I recently purchased a Beagle Board and I am having some
difficulties getting it running. Here is what I have done so far:

1. I have been able to format my SD car according to the wiki using a
script provided online.
2. I have been able to copy and move all necessary files according to
the wiki to the proper locations on the SD card.
3. I have been able to boot into U-boot and begin to load the kernel

The board begins to boot but I get a strange Kernel panic -not syncing
error every time at about 24.9XXX in the boot process. Tonight I will
post my current configuration (Files, PrintENV output, version and U-
boot version).

I am very experienced with micro-controllers so is there a way I can
reset the NAND to factory out of the box? I have seen a few sites
that seem to have a roll back method but I would really like to start
from scratch. Thank you very much for your time!

I am very excited to begin programming on something with more than 8k
of memory! Woot!

From U-Boot you can run “nand erase” which will delete everything in NAND memory. The Beagle will then boot from SD card using pure vanilla defaults (which in most cases is what you want). There is a bug in the MUSB OTG drivers which causes a kernel panic fairly early on in the boot process - it looks like the host PC does a scan before the drivers are ready for it.

You can workaround this problem until its fixed by either (a) copying the uImage file from the Angstrom partition’s /boot directory and putting it in the FAT partition, or (b) don’t connect the USB to a PC.

If that doesn’t fix the issue then can you post the full output from the board booting to pastebin and reply with a link. In minicom you can press CTRL-A L to log to a file and then power up the board.