New to Beaglebaord and single board computers

Hi Everyone,

I am very new to this single board computers and Beaglebaord .But i am very much interested doing project in electronics .Though i am having bachelors degree in electronics and communication engineering , i don’t have much hardware experience. currently i am working as software engineers. This field seems to be very interesting and innovative. Since i am a newbie i need your guidance and support to start with.

I don’t know what to buy, means what are all the others parts needed to setup a project . I am very much interested in robotics ,image processing , sensing and media etc.

Please all of you give suggestions ,ideas and list of products to buy to start with beagleboard…

note : i am planning to buy beaglebone black.
Thanks & Regards,

The BBB is linux based and is a bit sensitive to current draw and applied voltage. You might want to start with a more forgiving platform like an arduino uno.

that said there are lots of resources on line and places to get kits of parts and parts

Videos and Web Sites