New version of MeshDeck (XBee remote control)

For any of you that are using the MeshDeck to remotely control your BBB over an XBee link, I have just pushed out a new version 2.0.1 which is available at The new version includes a device tree overlay for my XBee cape which will likely work for others provided you are using the /dev/ttyO2 port to connect to your XBee.

In addition to including the overlay, I have made a slight addition to the daemon startup file so that it will check for the existence of /dev/ttyO2 before starting the MeshDeck. If the device doesn’t exist, the overlay is loaded. This was needed to overcome a problem where the system correctly reads the cape EEPROM 0.9 seconds into the boot process, but then fails to retrieve the firmware from /lib/firmware, presumably because the root filesystem is not yet mounted.

For anyone that is interested, I do plan on having the boards, XBee cape kits, book bundles, low-power hacking starter kits, and ultimate starter kits that include everything you need to get started with low-power hacking (book, XBee cape kit, preloaded microSD, BBB, USB XBee adapter, XBee pro, and XBee regular) available for purchase soon at as well as some other places.