New version of The Deck now available

For those interested: earlier today I released a new version of my custom penetration testing and forensics Linux distribution, The Deck, earlier today. This one only works on the BBB. It is available at

More details to follow. Biggest difference from the previous versions is that it is based on Ubuntu 13.04 vs. 11.04 and has the latest versions of everything (1600+ packages).

What changes are done with the kernel? Do you just patch for injection
and things like that or are there other changes you make outside of the
default Ubuntu ARM Kernel for the device? What advantages does this have
over say KaliARM? Or running Arch and building up your own toolkit? Do
you have a Road Map online for where you are headed with your distro?

Going to download it today and boot it up and see what good things you
have done :slight_smile: Looks like it is a great PenTesting OS for BBB though,
thanks for your contribution keep up the great work.

I’ve ported all the good stuff from Backtrack/Kali to work on the BB family. I think my stuff is more efficient than Kali/ARM. The Deck actually came out 6 months before Kali. Up until then only a limited, not supported or updated, change root only version of Backtrack was available. The Deck is made for the Beagles from the start. One of the other big differences is that The Deck can be deployed as a drone to allow pentesting with an army of devices. It is also embedded in an aerial drone. I can already do pentests from up to a mile away and it will soon be from anywhere in the world.

I have been doing the same thing with drones for about 4 years now, I mostly use gumstix boards and a custom board I designed from years of using gumstix that is the main one on my 3 different platforms (micro plane, standard size, quad rotor). Wait till you break the 10 mile mark :wink: What AP system do you run?