Newbie getting started, BeagleBone Digital readout using the 7" LCD and LinuxCNC

Howdy everybody,

I have an idea to use a Beaglebone as the brain for my Digital readout. Using an 7" LCD as my screen. It would be 4 RS232 linear encoders feeding position back to the BB and going with Linux CNC. I have had thoughts of going this route as I may do a CNC retrofit on another machine in the future and this will help get my feet wet with LinuxCNC.
Also with this route I could just swap cables back and forth from the mill and lathe. Or hopefully I could setup to have my 4 encoders from the mill and 2 from the lathe all plugged in at the same time and just ignore the machine I am not using.

I think I could setup a custom board to plug into the BB that my serial encoders plug into.

Has anybody done this? I searched around and could not find a whole lot on it.