Newbie: Polarity of power adapter


I have just bought a beagleboard, and am all excited to begin my journey with my beagle.

I’ve bought the minimalist components listed in

A couple of questions:

  1. The power adapter that I’ve bought has a polarity switch. What should I set it to?? Positive 5V to the barrel and ground to the jacket or viceversa??

  2. I do not have a digital display, but have a regular VGA display. I bought a HDMI to VGA cable. Hope this will work. Can someone yell, if it wouldn’t??

Please let me know.


This is covered in the System Reference Manual. The center is the positive polarity. The HDMI to VGA cable will NOT work. Only the digital component, DVI-D, is supplied. Beagle does not provide HDMI’s analog signals which are required for a VGA analog monitor. This is also covered in the System reference Manual.



Thanks for the reply!