Newbie question - problem mounting USB FLASH device

Hi All,

I am a newbie to embedded Linux and have just acquired a C3
Beagleboard and am working my way through "BeagleBoard System
Reference Manual BBSRM_latest.pdf". I have been through "12.6 Board
SD Boot" to get the Kernal to boot, which seems fine.

USB keyboard and mouse tests work fine through a USB 2.0 hub and have
been tried on the USB-A and the OTG port (configured as a host by
shorting J6).

When I reach section , which is the USB EHCI Test I am
unable to mount the device. I think that there is a typo in the
manual, and I will appreciate help with the correct command.

The manual states: mount /dev/sda1 /usb1

As Beagle board boots up, USB related messages are as follows:

You need to do a mkdir /usb1 before you try mounting it.


Hi Gerald,

Fixed - thanks.

I have a few corrections for the manual, any idea who I should send
them to ?

Next, I am interested in building X applications on a PC and loading
them onto BeagleBoard, using FTP, or TFPT so I have to do several
things to do:
- Get a more comprehensive build of Linux running on the BeagleBoard
that supports X
- Figure out how to install a USB-Ethernet bridge (I have ADM8511 and
MCS7830 devices)
- Build a cross development environment on a PC loaded with Ubunto

Can you help with any of these questions, or should I start a new
topic ?



Any suggestions you have should come to me. I will decide if they go into the next revision.

I would definitely start a new topic, maybe one at a time to get betterresults.