Newbie question : Unable to save any of the files

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this is so naive but I am unable to make any changes to any
files etc, add user etc on the beagle board. I am running the test
kernel image provided on the Beagle Board diagnostics page (uname -a
given below)

[root@beagleboard init.d]# Linux #1
Thu Jul 24 15:29:36 IST 2008 armv7l unknown

I am trying to edit the /etc/init.d/rcS file to autoconfig the usb0
RNDIS interface with the following command (using vi on the board

ifconfig usb0 netmask

vi is able to save the file without any write protection related
errors etc, but the file is restored to its original state once the
board is rebooted.

Am I missing something very obvious here ?

Please suggest.


If your running the demo image then you are probably running the rootfs out
of the initram disk. Meaning your file system is in RAM so if you reboot all
changes are lost.


OK… got it. So is there a way to do so while running the Demo image itself , somehow ? or I should compile and run another distribution…

I have one more question here : I have observed that more often than not, If I reboot the board by issuing the “reboot” command, sometimes after the x-loader, it gets stuck in “Starting OS Bootloader” stage… But this never happens when the board is power cycled. Any pointers ?