newbie question.


I get beagleboard some days ago an I would like to get Amstrong
distribution running like I see on web video.
I followed the instruction posted on google code (
<> in
ordered to validate and testing the Board.
I prepared the SD Card with x-load.bin.ift, MLO,uboot.bin,rd-ext2.bin,
uImage etc.
I boot the kernel and activate the console (working on serial
On the DVI Monitor I can see a TUX image ( on left corner).
DVI Interface worsk fine ( I can see video streaming on my DVI monitor)
but Mouse and keyboard test fails because evtest programs dosen't run
although during kernel boot, external USB HUB, USB Mouse and USB
Keyboard was recognized.
Anyone have any suggestions?
How can I start the graphical user interface (e17) Armstrong and work
with the mouse and keyboard like a PC linux distribution?
Sorry for my bad English.


Hi Giorgio
Follow the instructions in the below link to get Angstrom up and running in your beagleboard -
For mouse & keyboard to work, please make sure that you are using the right cable (USB mini-A) and self powered USB hub.