Newbie Troubles....bad CRC or NAND

H all,

I'm a complete newbie to beagleboard. My curiosity to explore and
learn has got me here. After a long wait my beagle board arrived
yesterday. Now i tried to check it as per the elinux beginners guide
and when i try to connect to it from minicom i get the following
warnings and error repeatedly...

Wrong Image format for Bootm command
Error: Can't get kernel image

What does this mean? i presume some problem with the firmware. Or is
it the board? I would appreciate all help to diagnose the problem.

heres a link to the screenshot image..


This is normal. The Kernel image is not in NAND, it is on the SD card. You will need to have a formated SD card with the Kernel image on it before it can load it. It is trying to load the image, but is not finding it.