Newbie unable to run BoneScript


I have just received my BBB and am trying to set it up.

I launched some examples of blinking led by connecting to it via browser and it worked fine.
Then I flashed newest Debian Jessie I found on and now I am unable to blink user leds using the same method.
I tried apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade but result is the same.

Website says Your board is connected!
BeagleBone running BoneScript 0.2.5 at beaglebone.local
and examples return no error, but LED’s do not blink.

Also, i am unable to access cloud9 ide after flashing new image. It just fails to connect.

Another stupid question - how do I run debian terminal in root mode? Or should I just always use sudo?


I found the solution myself. The Kernel version 4.x.x.x included in newest image does not support BoneScript. I downgraded kernel to 3.8 and it works great.

thanks alot for my day wasted “Quick start guide” :smiley: