Next-gen BeagleBone interest registration and preview

Element14 has started to register interest for ordering the next-gen
BeagleBone and I expect other distributors to follow.[1] If you happen
to be at Embedded Linux Conference, you'll be able to see previews at
the BeagleBone hands-on workshops.[2]



How and where might one get their paws on an early development version of the next-gen beaglebone (beagle black). I have a project that could really use it’s features and price point. RasPi crossed my mind, but I’d much rather use TI vs broadcom hardware and the Pi is nearly impossible to source at present.



The production version is different from the prototype version. Mainly a different processor We have limited units until production starts, and we are limiting them to people that can contribute immediately to the SW and the release of the product in April. I get several requests per day from people for these limited prototypes. If you can contribute something that helps us, it may be possible to round one up. Not knowing what your project is, you may need to wait for the production version any way. Can you contribute something?


I can contribute the project design and all the source code, though that likely won’t be much. most of the software to be used will run on about any linux platform, mostly having the display hardware onboard helps a bunch. If I need to wait, I can deal with that, just figured I’d see as this would be useful to move to.


Leme get with Jason and see where you may be able to help.


Lower means less that the price of the BeagleBone. We are not announcing the exact price of the board until it is released in late April.

Yes this is still an AM3358 board. It is a newer revision. It has all the same features as the current AM3358 device.

This new revision of the processor should be announced by TI in a couple of months, At that point, you can connect the dots.



I think Gerald stated that the new processor would be released in April.

As far as I know the CPU will be the same with the current am3359 in functions and peripherals, but will have slightly higher speed. it is already rated as 800MHz but will have more with the next revision

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