nfs (usb) mounting problems

I was able to solve my nfs mount issue using USB - I don’t know how common this is but it may be helpful to others. Thanks to recalcati for help … (original email account was ( - changed to

Restatement of issue …

  1. Host is Dell Inspiron laptop (1200) w/Slackware 12.1; USB connection
    between host and beagle board.
  2. I created an SD with latest uboot/x-loader/uImage etc
    a. uboot arguments modified to boot via NFS
    b. Installed RFS from …/beagleboard/ site on host
    c. Successfully booted bb and mounted to PC … (Linux version
    2.6.28-omap1 (koen@dominion))
  1. On the host, I use “sudo /sbin/ifconfig usb0” when
    the bb attempts to mount
    d. I was able to log in & access NFS ok …
  1. Installed source for 2.6.29-rc8 & succesfully built kernel … no
    changes to configuration.
    a. Followed steps …
  1. make distclean
  2. make omap3_beagle_defconfig
  3. make uImage
    b. copied image to SD - no change to uboot arguments
    c. kernel boots OK but does not mount
  1. To double check … I installed another kernel source tree for
    2.6.22; built the kernel etc that version mounted OK too

As recalcati stated in a response, the issue was configuration related - it took a while to sort out the required mods. I made these changes to the kernel configuration (‘make menuconfig’)

  1. Kernel hacking/Debug filesystem
    [ENABLE] - probably not needed but handy while debugging
  2. Device Drivers/USBSupport/USB Host Controller
  3. Device Drivers/USBSupport/USB Gadget Support
    [Y] Gadget Drivers (was [M])

Possibly my RFS was missing Gadget Driver module which forced (3.) Kernel change?

Here’s the .CONFIG diff … between ‘omap3_beagle_defconfig’ (Mar 30 is UPDATED with changes)


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