[nginx 403] Error while tethering via USB - BB AI 64 via using Windows 10

I am unable to connect BB AI 64 via usb using Windows 10 (tried before driver installation), then I installed the drivers by using overriding mode (as the driver are not certified my Microsoft). Still I find the driver is not compatible with the hardware. Please help to solve this issue - Thank in advance

Microsoft’s RNDIS driver will automatically load, no reason to install the extra driver…


I had tried it out before installation of driver. It don’t work too. Later I tried after installing the drivers still unable to connect. I am able to ping the device - [] but does not get connected to via crome or Firefox browsers ( Get 403 error

403 is just nginx not letting you view the base directory… this was fixed in later snapshots… use port 3000 for vscode

Or grab a much better image…

The latest image will show this:


(probably should remove Node-RED as it’s not enable by default anymore…)