no acces to UART* anymore after flashing new Debian version

I recently had to re-install Debian. After some trials it flashed correctly. But now I have no access to the UARTs anymore. Not via uEnv.txt (located in /boot and not in /boot/uboot, for this version), nor via Python. Both have worked fine before. Do I also need a newer version of Adafruit, maybe? Or something else I have overlooked?

I hope one of you can help me out.


I may have misunderstood but have a look here on how to enable UARTs for Jessie.

Thanks a lot for the pointer! Yes, I’m afraid, I need that. As a newbie I was not aware that upgrading the OS was so invasive…
I followed the recipe and after:
git status, I get: (something like) …nothing to commit…
I could find the file am335x-boneblack.dts but then I get lost.

Can someone clear me up in newbie language?
Thanks a lot in advance! (I need serial data for my project!!!)

You need to edit the file to uncomment the includes for the serial devices (ttyO1 and so on). git status should then give you the difference of your edits against the repository.


Thanks for your comment.
Its getting exciting. I tried to follow the recipe. I started with sudo -i to have all rights. Then I loaded the dtb library in the rebuilder folder. Works. Then nano am335x-boneblack.dts, but I do not know enough of C. #include is comment or not? So i left the file unmodified. I run make, no problem. I run make install, no problem either, but, I reboot and the BBB stucks with all leds on.
Then I remount the usd card and reload the os. That runs fine after a while. I can repeat this of course but does not bring me further…
So please explain to me what I need to do with the am…dts file and please explain what make does ( I expect short for dtc??) .
Do hope you can help me out?
I owe you one!


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