No access to BeagleBone A6a


My operating system is Win 7 64 bit with US-language packet. My internet browser is Mozilla Firefox.

I have a BeagleBoard A6a which I want to access on my computer.

I used the ‘getting startet’ tutorial to access on my BeagleBoard but the connection to via USB doesn’t work.
Does anyone know why? Here the link to the ‘getting started’ tutorial:

My procedure:

  1. Connect the BeagleBone via USB cable to my computer
  2. Install and execute this driver:
  3. Typed to launch BeagleBone — and this didn’t work!!!

But the access to the microSD card works perfectly!

Does anyone know what I make wrong?

Thanks for help, bye!


Had the same problem. But ping worked. It appeared that the proxy setting in the browser was causing the problem.