No activity lights, only power and ethernet light, what should I do?

I lost power while attempting to flash my emmc, and now when I power up my board only the power light comes on, and if the ethernet cable is plugged in then those lights are on.

No combinations of pressing user boot, reset, power, power source can get the activity lights to come on.

Any ideas?

Recreate the flashing SD card. Try it again.

As the instructions say, do not have Ethernet plugged in when doing the flashing. And as the instructions say, do not attempt it using USB power.


The first time I did it, I was plugged into DC outlet, and my house briefly lost power…About an hour ago, I tried again, however none of the 4 activity led lights are on. Only the power led.

As I said, recreate the flasher SD card. Try it again.

Follow the instructions on the support Wiki.

Here is the direct link


Following those instructions, I re-flashed my SD Card, inserted the card and ensured everything was disconnected from the BBB. Then I held the boot switch button in as I plugged in the DC power connector. I continued to hold it in for 5 minutes, however the first (or any) of the user LED lights did not come on. The only light on is the one indicating the board has power.

Five minutes is not necessary. Only about 10 seconds is required. Sounds like the SD card was not created properly or the SD card is bad or needs reformatting. Try reformatting it as indicated on the instructions or try a different SD card.


unplug everything from the board while you’re flashing it. e.g. dont leave your ethernet cable plugged in during.

I bought a new micro sd card on the way home today and copied “Production Image 2013.09.04” to it following the instructions.
Then I put the sd card into the BBB, held the user boot button, and plugged in DC power plug (everything else disconnected).
I waited for two minutes, but none of the user led lights came on. (the power light is on though)

Sounds like you are not getting anywhere by doing the same thing over and over. Just request an RMA and let us take a look at it. If there is nothing wrong with the board, then we can take it from there.


Will do, thanks for all your help!