No Automatic Boot Sequence on Beagle


I want that the Beagleboard starts first with NAND and if an SD Card
is in it should boot from
SD-Card first is this possible?



To boot from SD card first, hold the user button down and reset the board. Otherwise it looks fo rNAND first and if there is nothing there, it goes to the SD card for the boot code.


The x-loader on the NAND is configured to look for a file called
u-boot.bin on the SD Card before loading u-boot on the flash.

page contains the links to the source code for what is put in the NAND

At my Beagle it tries first booting from sd-card and if the is nothing
it fails?
I have a kernel and a rootfs on the nand and by using the nand read
command manually
it workes but not as first boot!

it would help if you captured the working and non-working serial output and included it in the e-mail.

With a SD-Card it boots correctly from SD-Card but:

Without SD-Card it shows:

No MMC card found

** Unable to use mmc 0:1 for fatload **
Wrong Image Format for bootm command
ERROR: can't get kernel image!

Then a could:

1.set the bootargs
2. nand read 80000000 280000 400000
3. bootm 80000000

to boot from NAND.

I could also put the commands above in bootcmd
then i would boot from nand automatic i think

but then the bootcmd from SD-CARD will be deleted and it would boot
only from Nand.

How to use both methods without changing the bootcmd?