No boot loader. BeagleBoard broken?


I think my Beagleboard C4 just committed suicide.
It was connected to my PC via the usb-cable and ssh. I was working on something else for some time but when I returned the connection was lost.
I tried to reboot, but nothing happened. When connecting the RS232-interface I only got this string

Texas Instruments Revision detection unimplemented


Wenn pushing the user button before connecting the usb-cable I at least got:

MMC Device 0 not found**
spl: fat register err - -1

ERROR ### Please RESET the board


After some time it changed to:

OMAP SD/MMC: 0 MMC Device 0 not found
spl: mmc device not found!!


And now after another pause while I was checking the filesystem of the sd-card it does not send anything at all.

Is there anything I could try? I guess that even the firmware does not show any sign is not a good thing? ;-/

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I don’t know if the message you see are from the ROM or the linux image on the SD card.

I would suggest putting the SD card in a reader and using your PC to see what’s on it. It believe it will have a boot and a rootfs partition, each of which will contain appropriate files. In a couple of cases (myself and another poster), the contents of the boot partition went missing. In my case I have spent a lot of time fiddling around with making new images, and probably trashed it somehow, but it sounded like the for other person it may have been a less obvious problem that caused this.

I now have several SD cards I play with on my BeagleBone - the original Angstrom, and a couple of different Ubuntu images. If it won’t boot with a known good SD card, then yeah, it may well be a hardware problem.


I tested the sd card and copied my backup image to it again.
My PC can access it as normal.

What makes me worried is that now it does not show any sign of life anymore.
Even the first bootloader (x-loader?) does not show up anymore. Normally this one should at least complain, that it cannot find an sd-card device or similar, but it's giving me nothing.