No DDR3 termination on BBB? How?

According to schematics, there is no DDR3 termination on BBB. How is that possible?

On TI Starter Kit DDR3 is properly terminated using 33 Ohm resistors and VTT regulator TPS51200. No such thing on BBB. What’s the catch? Am I missing something?

Well, it is. Trace lengths are short. Only one load per pin. This was verified by the TI chip team. We were the first ones to do it, 70,000 boards ago.


Thanks for quick reply. Do you know impedance of the tracks?

Yes, i has make pcb with A10 and 02 ddr3 ic without termination, board run fine, no problem!

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uSomIQ module - ddr3 without termination resistors runs fine!

I don’t recall off the top of my head. That should be in the PCB file.