No display output; detects the monitor

Hi there!

I have been having issues with getting my BeagleBone to communicate correctly with my displays.

Last night I installed Angstrom (after wrestling with the Debian OS for several days) and was surprised to see that the 'Bone sees and gathers info from the display (stated the monitor was a Visio) through the pre- installed display utility, but the monitor itself gets no signal. I am able to access the GUI through a VNC connection to my Macintosh.

I have been able to get the Beagle to work with only one display, a $450 monitor we used at Best Buy to test the micro-HDMI to HDMI converter I am currently using. This tells me it isn’t a hardware failure, thank goodness.

Any thoughts on what to do? Mind you, I have full access to the GUI and internal console, so any route to success is feasible.

In the past I’ve gone into uEnv and changed from:




This got my bbb displaying on my HP monitor when previously it wouldn’t. I did notice that in the more recent test builds of Debian (i think the 7.5 releases) that I no longer had to make this change for the monitor to be detected correctly.