No DVI output on Beagleboard-xM Rev-C

Hi all,
I have just purchase a beagleboard-xm rev-c. I tried booting it with
the card that comes with it but there was nothing on my monitor. I
used hdmi-dvi cable. The odd things is that I can access the board
through the serial connection and it all works except no dvi output. I
also tried my custom angstrom image that used to work with my old
beagleboard-xm rev-B but still no video out. Have any of you guys
experienced the problem? I'm starting to think that this is a defect
board? Any idea?

try with another display.
I had the same problem when I connected my Beagle xM to my Panasonic Viera TV.
but same worked fine when connected to a Dell ST2410 monitor. I used a normal HDMI cable.