no MLO nor u-boot in Debian image ?

Dear all,

I flashed my BBB using Debian 2015-03-01 image.
And to my surprise, there is no MLO nor u-boot.img in the FAT partition.

Even more surprising for me, the BBB can boot without problem and proudly displays :
U-Boot SPL 2015.01-00001-gb2412df (Jan 29 2015 - 15:01:06)
on the console.

Where did the BBB take its MLO and uBoot files ???
Is there someting hidden in the mysterious mmcblk0boot0 / mmcblk0boot1 partitions ?

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apparently MLO and uboot ar now hidden in mmcblk1boot0 and mmcblk1boot1

No, that’s incorrect, they are stored in the master boot record (MBR), 1MB hole at the front of the drive mmcbklX.

mmcblk1boot0/mmcblk1boot1 are unused.


Funny, I thought I answered this question yesterday, in an identical post . . .

You did, there’s something about the web forum interface that causes people to send a repeat messages. (I don’t know if they edit something and Google sends out an email or what) I’ve started to cc the user directly if I don’t recognize them…

Thanks Robert and William
Sorry for the duplicate post. For some reason the first one did not appear in the list. Even a search did not find it.
After a while I considered I probably made a mistake and posted my question again. Now the 2 posts are visible. sorry.

I think I got the image from

It looks like mmcblk1boot1 contains uboot variables. Is it used by the saveenv command ?
And what is the purpose of mmcblk1boot0 ?

I got confused because many tutorials on the web are referring to U-boot/MLO in the FAT16 partition of the sdCard or eMMC.
I think the Angstrom distribution is still using this layout.


so is mmcblk1boot0/mmcblk1boot1 used for anything? If I wipe them clean is something going to break?

nothing uses that.