No output from DVI

The problem that appeared all of a sudden was that no image could be
viewed on a previous working LCD-screen.
No modifications had been done except from connecting the Beagleboard
to a projector, after that we have no output on the DVI-port.
The system seems to boot normally, we get terminal output on the RS232
link but as said, no output from DVI.

What should we do?

Request an RMA. What monitor are you using?


I had exactly the same problem about 4 days ago. My board was working
fine with the DVI output and then poof nothing.

I am using a DELL 2005 monitor.

I sent a RMA and was told to send the board to the Beagle Hospital.

I don’t know if this helps, but…

Did you check if your usb hub is getting its power properly? In my case, I found that when I forgot to turn on the usb hub power, by accident, I don’t get any signal from the DVI port. I confirmed that the serial console works fine like your case.
When I fed power to the hub, I got my DVI port back.



2008/12/1 Hurdy <>