No serial connection output

Hi all

I try to get a connection to my beagleboard. I try it on different Computers. With built in serial and usb to serial ports and different cables. But I get no output. No I see there is a "recommended serial adapter". But I don`t have it. I live in Switzerland.

I just like to boot my beagleboard from sd.


You don't need to buy, you can do it yourself. Just use an IDC10
connector, flat cable and Serial connector.
Following the pin order:

Beagle -> PC
2 (RX) -> 3 (TX)
3 (TX) -> 2 (RX)
5 (GND) -> 5 (GND)


I suggest you go through the System Reference Manual to make sure you have the correct ribbon cable and the correct serial twist cable as well. There is a step by step process to help you check everything out in Section 12.