No Tx on BBB pin for CAN Bus

I have covered quite a lot of posts on the web regarding CAN bus on the BBB but not been able to find a solution to the problem of no physical output on the pins. i would be very grateful if anyone can advise on this situation.

I have been able to setup a virtual can bus and send information without issue…

my problem has been i am sending can packets but i am unable to see anything on the BBB pins p9.24 p9.26 (using oscilloscope)

ifconfig can0 will show RX and TX packets are being sent with some ‘dropped’

i feel the problem resides with the ‘slots’ showing cape-universaln… rather than the BB-CAN1

thus the pins are not being setup ??

i have attempted some different ways of getting the BB-CAN1-00A0.dtbo device tree to show in 'slots' but cape-universaln looks to stay in position.

Or everything i have said is rubbish and this is another unrelated issue ! perhaps the gpio pins are not working / faulty board ?

I have also noticed most of the information relating to CAN bus with BBB is from several years ago, and perhaps with everything constantly changing these 5 year old posts are no longer valid for instalation?.. i have a new BBB with the following details:-

Linux version 4.1.15 Debian 4.9.2-10

once more, if any experts are able to guide me to a solution then i will be very grateful as i am attempting to learn and understand the BBB.