No USB on Beagle Board C5

I have been building some projects using the Beagle Board as the controller/net interface.
I just got a couple C5 beagle Boards, and tried to connect a net interface using one of
those 3-port hubs with ethernet. It didn’t work, and after checking, it appears that
the USB host jack (P7) does not sense any device, although it provides power to
the device. The same SD card plugged into a C3 Beagle works fine. I am using a kernel that works fine on the C3. So, it is using a uboot.bin, uImage.bin
and initrd that work fine on the C3.

I have verified this same behavior on two C5 Beagle Boards, so I don’t think it is an
isolated hardware problem.

Looking at the boot process via serial console, the only thing I see different is it doesn’t
discover the USB device during the boot process. Replugging the device has no effect, either.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



I was hoping somebody had a suggestion. I have posted the dmesg report from
a C5 and a C3 beagle Board on my web site.
This is from the C3 beagle that works :
and this is from the C5 board, where the USB host port doesn’t work :

Pretty clear on the C3 boot where it says :

[   35.372344] usb 1-2.1: applying rev.C fixup
[   35.391296] usb 1-2.1: applying rev.C fixup
[   35.418273] eth0: register 'MOSCHIP usb-ethernet driver' at usb-ehci-omap.0-2.1, MOSCHIP 7830/7730 usb-NET adapter, 00:60:6e:11:01:dc
[   35.436950] usbcore: registered new interface driver MOSCHIP usb-ethernet driver

That it has detected the hub/ethernet module.  These lines are missing from the boot with the C5 board.
The time stamps make it hard to compare the two outputs with diff.

I really need this to work, and had no idea that the C5 would have a change that makes the system
incompatible.  I thought these changes were supposed to be extremely minor, so I suspect it has to be some
setting, maybe in the flash, that is wrong.

I hope somebody has an idea,



This is a C5 Beagle Board, NOT XM. I can’t find a D14 on the board.
There is a D12, which does not light up.


Please, guys, I’m in a real bind here, and need some help. I have no idea where to look for the problem.

I have a Debian-based OS image that I have been using for more than a year, it works fine
on the C2, C3 and C4 BeagleBoard (not XM). It boots fine on the C5, but the USB host
port doesn’t work. I posted links to dmesg output from a C3 that works and a C5 that doesn’t
work. There may be useful info in there, but all I see is that the system doesn’t discover
the USB devices plugged into the port, either at boot-up or when plugged in later.

If there are any settings in the mboot that need to be changed, please let me know.