Node builds without error, then crashes with Seg. fault. Build settings correct?

On my BeagleBoardXM Rev-c, Ubuntu 12.10, I’m trying to build NodeJS v0.10.0 using info found here:

“./configure”, “make”, and “make install” run without error, but when I try to run “node” or “npm”, I get a Segmentation fault.

Running ./configure generates the settings below. armv7 looks correct, does arm_fpu or some other setting look awry to anybody else?

{ ‘target_defaults’: { ‘cflags’: [],
‘default_configuration’: ‘Release’,
‘defines’: [],
‘include_dirs’: [],
‘libraries’: []},
‘variables’: { ‘arm_fpu’: ‘vfpv3’,
‘arm_neon’: 0,
‘armv7’: 1,
‘clang’: 0,
‘gcc_version’: 47,
‘host_arch’: ‘arm’,
‘node_install_npm’: ‘true’,
‘node_prefix’: ‘’,
‘node_shared_cares’: ‘false’,
‘node_shared_http_parser’: ‘false’,
‘node_shared_libuv’: ‘false’,
‘node_shared_openssl’: ‘false’,
‘node_shared_v8’: ‘false’,
‘node_shared_zlib’: ‘false’,
‘node_tag’: ‘’,
‘node_unsafe_optimizations’: 0,
‘node_use_dtrace’: ‘false’,
‘node_use_etw’: ‘false’,
‘node_use_openssl’: ‘true’,
‘node_use_perfctr’: ‘false’,
‘node_use_systemtap’: ‘false’,
‘python’: ‘/usr/bin/python’,
‘target_arch’: ‘arm’,
‘v8_enable_gdbjit’: 0,
‘v8_no_strict_aliasing’: 1,
‘v8_use_arm_eabi_hardfloat’: ‘true’,
‘v8_use_snapshot’: ‘true’}}


It looks like this might actually be a V8 issue. I was able to get Node to build by building a slightly earlier version.

Check out Node from their git repo:

git clone git://

cd into the new directory:

cd node

Checkout the earlier version:

git checkout v0.8.22


./configure make sudo make install

Node now works (for me) without the segmentation fault.

Arch Linux Arm (currently) has node 0.10.2 which works fine. Maybe check how they compiled it