node.js SerialPort Erro

I am having issues with installing node-serialport because of its 0.10+ dependency. I have attempted to compile node.js latest to the board but that is a very slow and painful process (first attempt ran for ~4 hours then power cut… I was not impressed)

Anyone have this package successfully working with node 0.8 ??

Hi Rob,

I have serialPort installed and working with both node v0.8 and v0.10 on two BBB.

On the first BBB, making v0.8 from source took a bit over half-an-hour, as I recall. Below were my steps:

# apt-get install build-essential

Fetch and Build node.js

root@arm:~# wget http://[](
root@arm:~# tar xvf node-v0.8.22.tar.gz
root@arm:~# cd node-v0.8.22
root@arm:~/node-v0.8.22# ./configure --without-snapshot
root@arm:~/node-v0.8.22# make

I had used the same steps to build node v0.10.x too. I ended up switching back to 0.8 because BoneScript still needs 0.8 at the moment. npm install serialport or npm install -g serialport works fine after that. I have serialport 1.1.3 on this BBB.

On the second BBB, I have Robert’s bone-debian-7.3-2014-01-10 test image running. This test image already has node v0.10.24 preinstalled. npm install serialport was smooth. I see that I have the latest serialport v1.2.5 installed here.