Node-Red Upgrade to Version 0.18

Has anyone succeeded in upgrading to Node-Red version 0.18 from Node-Red version 0.17.5 that comes on the latest Beaglebone Black Wireless Debian images (Debian 9.2 2017-10-10 4GB SD IoT and Debian 9.3 2018-01-28 4GB SD IoT)? I tried using the instructions on the upgrade page ( but failed miserably. I encountered various issues about the unavailability of port 1880, about encryption, etc.

Before I start trying to debug what went wrong, I’d like to know if this is even the right process. I see that there is a special process for the Raspberry Pi, but from what I’ve read, the BeagleBone Black has a different, incompatible setup.

The main reason I think I want the new version is for its WebSocket support for MQTT nodes.

Thanks for pointers to the right path.


PS Apologies for double posting, but my query on the Node-Red forum has gone unanswered for days. Maybe nobody has upgraded successfully!

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade bb-node-red-installer

Just rebuilt 0.18.1 last night. (i try to rebuild it once a month)


Thank you! and again, THANK YOU!!

PS, let us know if we need any more modules, currently i'm pulling in:



I use
It’s not a high priority, because it’s easy to add using (three bar) menu | Manage palette | Install.


Another idea: Dave C-J, the manager of the Node-Red forum, suggested to me (see!topic/node-red/OmwzwS8611w ).

Or indeed (now that you have contacted them… :slight_smile: ask them if they would like to send a pull request to our docs to point out the goodness they now have ?
(PS … we shipped out 0.18.2 today with some more fixed to the projects feature… )
(PPS… if you don’t use projects then now worries - you can probably hang on for 0.18.3 :wink:


and rebuilt for 0.18.2 (we actually build against git, so it's:
0.18.2-2f6ac42) and pushed out..


Not wanting to be annoying, but I am of a similar stance.

Though I have a RPI.

At this point I have 0.17.5.

Going to the pages I read many posts about updating from the original version supplied to 0.17.?

But no where can I find a walk through that explains going from 0.17.5 to 0.18.1

This is the link I am using:

But it is dated 2015. So I am guessing it isn’t for the latest release.