noob alert

I have just received in the mail my shinny new beaglebone.

I stop the bootloader to give me the u-boot prompt

env set bootdelay 10

I would like more time.

env save

I get on the console

Saving Environment to NAND…

Erasing Nand…
Attempt to erase non page aligned data

U-boot defaults to writing the environment to NAND, but the BeagleBone
doesn't have any NAND. There is a hack in place to set environment
variables through uenv.txt, but that is read as part of bootcmd which
is executed *after* waiting for bootdelay.

To change bootdelay, you'll need to rebuild u-boot. You can alter
uenv.txt to avoid booting to leave you at the u-boot prompt.

i hate to ask but where would I start in “rebuilding” u-boot ???

Why do you want to get to the u-boot prompt if not to debug / develop uboot?

10 seconds is killing long. I'd set it to 3

10 seconds is killing long. I'd set it to 3

BeagleBone is set to 1:

BeagleBoard/BeagleBoard-xM are set to 2:

Now, I guess I really have the wrong u-boot source links, because
meta-ti seems to be using really old u-boot code. Seems like it needs
a refresh!

noob_BOB can set it to whatever, but I agree that 10 is a bit long.

For xM we can try the 2012.04.01, for bone we're stuck waiting on TI. The good news is that Tom Rini is going to continue doing an awesome job at getting TI bits into the denx tree, so we might get lucky in a few weeks.