Noob - BBB / Mac refuse to play after BBB power down/reset

I come from the dark side and am having issues starting off with a BeagleBoneBlack Rev C (used Atmel uPs for years).
I’m running a Mac on OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) with the BBB connected via USB.

Initially I failed miserably. I found that HoRNDIS drivers are not supported in OSX10.11 so installed the “PdaNetA418” driver (and updated the FTDI driver (FTDIUSBSerial), rebooted and… hey, ho ! Happy days. Connected !
So far, so good - but it did take me a day or two to figure that one out :frowning:
I then managed to update the linux distro to Debian 7.9 (Wheezy, 2015-11-12). Decided not to push my luck and go for 8.2 Jessie (btw what happened to 8.0 and 8.1 - just trying to understand).

My issue now is this :
Initial state : Mac off / powered down. BBB powered down (having used the on board Reset button at last power down, before Mac power down).
Mac powered up. BBB follows suit automatically :slight_smile:
BBB appears in System Prefs | Network and in Finder :slight_smile:
I can SSH in with ‘ssh -l root’ :slight_smile:
Again, so far, so good… my problem :

Should I power down the BBB (having ejected it from the Mac first), using the on board ‘Reset’ button, it powers down as expected.
Naturally, the BBB then disappears from both System Prefs | Network and Finder.
And I can no longer ssh in (as expected / nothing abnormal there !!).

When I then power the BBB back up again, my Mac refuses to ‘see’ it (SystemPrefs | Network and Finder) and I cannot ssh in…

Should I power down and restart the Mac, the BBB re-presents itself again and is displayed in both System Prefs | Network and Finder again :wink:

Any pointers as to what Im doing wrong please ? Maybe this is ‘normal’ behaviour. Like I say, I’m brand new to the BBB, bang out of the box so’s to speak :wink:

Thanks in advance.