noob question : Interface BB with an AVR-STK500 DEv kit

       I was keen on interfacing an STK500 AVR development kit to a
BeagleBoard. I am totally new to the "electrical" aspects that may be
involved with regard to this. The scenario I was hoping to look into
was just a simple UART<->UART communication. What all do you think I
may I have to keep in mind ? Would it be as simple as hooking up the
two serial ports on the two boards ? PLease correct me if I am wrong.


I setup a toolchain on the beagle for an LPC2378-STK dev board.

I had to build a cross-compiler from gcc/binutils/newlib source
(required 6+ hrs of beagle CPU time).
There is a secondary bootloader installed on the LPC board that also
doubles as a USB mass storage device. I transfer and flash the new
binaries using this method. I have not set up gdb and openOCD yet. I
am using gedit to code. I think you can find eclipse in the
repository, but I had no luck installing it on Lucid... that was two
weeks ago though.

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