Not able to connect to my beaglebone


I am using beaglebone black with angstrom linux pre-installed on it. I am trying to connect to the board but i am not able to find its ip address… I have tried each and every ip scanner possible but i still did’nt find anything. And i have checked the whole hardware its working right. Please can anybody help.!!!

Tejvir Singh

How are you connecting to BBB? What Operating system are you running on the host computer?
I had a similar problem and finally got it sorted out on my own. As an example if you are using a Windows box for the host machine, plug the BBB system into one of the USB ports on your computer, no Ethernet cable attached at all. After about 5 to 10 seconds the LEDS on BBB should come on solid then start to blink indicating the board is booting. Eventually you should see an information window come up. In the Title bar of this window it should be labeled something like “BeagleBone Getting Started” followed by the drive letter assigned to BBB. Just cancel out of this window. Then open a cmd window type ifconfig. You should see the BBB ip address as the second Ethernet adapter. In my case it was assigned

Try this to see if it works for you.

A bit of additional info.
The IP address of is not the address of the BBB. But seeing this IP address at least tells you the BBB is connected to your host computer and has identified it and has created another Ethernet connection. More than likely the boards IP address is, as mine is. Sorry I left out this info.