Not BeagleBoard user but .....

I am not a beagle board user but I still want to ask. My platform is
TMDXEVM 3503 based on OMAP 3530, which is a pretty similar one.

We have some problem in using the SDIO port of my board. We are
porting a SDIO WiFi card driver onto the TMDXEVM 3503 board.
Everything works fine but it seems that a platform-related SDIO stack/
driver is missing. We know that a full fledged SDIO support only
appears after 2.6.24 kernel. Otherwise it is expected that TI should
provide the SDIO stack support for its 2.6.22 kernel.

The open source WiFi card driver contains older version of OMAP such
as OMAP 2420's SDIO support. But since OMAP 3530 is pretty new, we
cannot find any related support online. The Wi-Fi card is this: and its driver is here:

Has any of you here met this problem before?