Not being able to get a Beagleboard from Digikey atm?


I ordered a Beagleboard from Digikey about 12 or so days ago, but it
has not been shipped yet. They also just sent me an email to say that
the production line has stopped for some reason, and they dont know
when they will receive one to ship it out to me.
I was wondering if anyone knows whats going on? Is there anyone else
who might have a Beagleboard that I can order from if I cancel my
order with Digikey?


We were at a production stop situation about 3 weeks ago. We are no longer at production stop. We are ramping production again and building them as fast as we can. We shipped 250 boards to DigiKey this week and expect to do that for the next 3 weeks, but they currently have a 330 board backorder.

You will just need to wait until we can get the boards out the door. There is no one else that you can order them from. This is not a DigiKey issue but a production issue that we are working through.


i think we should pin on of these threads at the top, at least untill the flow of BB’s starts moving again. but gerald thanks for keeping us posted on how many back orders there are. :slight_smile: