not flashing the eMMC (not blinking 4 user leds) problem

I download the Android image file for BBB from link:
then by using win32disk imager, I write that image file into my microSDcard.
then I put microSD card into microSDcard slot of Beagle Bone Black. and press the boot button, then still holding that boot button, I apply power supply.
But No user LEDs are blinking. so many times I have done this procedure for a long time. But nothing happend with LED.

Anybody can please help me???
Thanks in advance.

I’m having the same problem. I’m putting the latest angstrom onto an ssd card following the instructions provided in the links below. I formatted the SD card to fat32, labeled it BBB_ANSTROM, used dd to copy the image (after running unxz on it), put the sd card in, held the user button, apply power, no LEDs light up.

Ok, so my problem was I didn’t specify the bs=1m on my copy command. There is a typo in the first link, it should be bs=1M. Stupid problem but it’s working now.

False alarm. Now mine starts but I don’t think it’s starting the flash procedure. So the above problem was fixed but now I have a different issue.