NthCode Player up on Beagle

Hi, folks,

I put a new video of NthCode Player running on Beagle on Youtube. We're running on top of Angstrom with our app and libs recompiled for ARMv7 NEON. Here is the link:


We're going to try the latest DSP-enabled gstreamer next week to see if we can get some higher resolution videos to play.

By the way, does anyone have thoughts about how to auto-sense if the s-video or HDMI is plugged in and select one or the other for output? Or can we program the hardware to simultaneously output to both and not worry about which is plugged in?



You can read the EDID to detect if the HDMI/DVI-D is plugged in. It is read via the I2C port. You can output to both if you do not exceed the maximum resolution of the SVideo, which wil limit the maximum output of the HDMI/DVI-D port.