nwjs beagle getting started app: Report 3

Week 3:

Tasks worked on:
-Added support to build the project using io.js instead of node.js (providing compatibility for using new modules)
-Added a working and functioning mdns module build for Windows
-The mdns package is now working on Linux, Mac and Windows
-Worked on cross-platform compatibility and created a virtualized build environment for all platforms
-The build works on Linux, Mac and Windows, each for 32 and 64 bit versions
-Uploaded video to youtube
-Updated eLinux wiki

-Exams at university
-Building mdns on Windows was tricky and did depend on having a working Apple Developer account
to download the correct Bonjour SDK for Windows
-socket.io is having some issues on Windows and I am following this upstream, hoping to
get to a solution soon
-This week was more difficult, because it was very important to have the project building and working
cross-platform on different architectures, which is working now.

Goals for next week:
-Outstanding work for mdns detection
-Continue work on the user interface for SSH connections
-Continue work on the graphical file transfer interface via SCP
-Having a look at Builbot, helping to automate the build process

Thanks, Ariane

Is there a download URL for the built binaries coming from Travis-CI? Are you encouraging people to try out the builds?