nwjs beagle getting started app: Report 4

Week 4:

Tasks worked on:
-tried to get build running on travis ci and appveyor
-resolved issue to detect beagle via mdns on Mac
-integrating cloud 9 ide

-This week was very difficult (finished last couple of exams at university before summer break)
and I was not able to work as much as I wanted. Therefore I will work on outstanding
tasks over the weekend

Goals for next week:
-Finish work on the user interface for SSH connections
-Finish work on the graphical file transfer interface via SCP
-Provide automated builds of the application, so that users can download and test it

Thanks, Ariane

Are you still having issues with socket.io? Also, please commit to github so I can try to help with travis and appveyor. I have spent many hours on both by this point. I sent a few emails about how to do it, so check your older emails (two or three weeks ago, maybe four).

Thank you for the report. Best of luck over the weekend. Email is probably the best way to assure you reach me during the weekend, then we can meet on IRC as needed.