Obtaining IP Address of Beagle Board which is connected via Direct RJ11 Connection

I am reaching out to seek guidance regarding a networking issue we are encountering with our Beagle board setup.

We currently have two Beagle boards interconnected, with one Beagle board linked to our LAN via its Gigabit Ethernet port, while the second Beagle board is connected to the first board using an RJ11 interface. We have successfully obtained the IP address of the first Beagle board through our LAN connection. However, we now require assistance in determining the IP address of the second Beagle board without relying on the LAN connection.

Our objective is to establish direct communication between the two Beagle boards over the RJ11 interface and configure a static IP address for the second Beagle board within the same subnet range as the first board.

Could you kindly provide guidance on the appropriate steps or configurations necessary to achieve this? Any assistance or insights you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Are these board running any flavor of official images?




If you are running debian it will take sudo to use that.

I don’t believe that is what you are asking about, I am reading between the lines on this. What you are trying to do would require both boards to have static ip’s on the same subnet. You could install nmap and probe the network for the other device but that would be a huge mistake if the devices are used outside your lab.

Also, I am assuming you intended to say RJ-45 connector. If you are using the RJ11 on the BP board what I just stated does not apply.