OE/bitbake & networking


I built my latest Angstrom image (kernel rev 3.0.28) using Koen’s setup scripts (OE/Bitbake) using

$ MACHINE=beagleboard ./oebb.sh config beagleboard $ MACHINE=beagleboard ./oebb.sh update $ MACHINE=beagleboard ./oebb.sh bitbake virtual/kernel

I did not modify any of the config or bb files. However, my BB-XM boots up and everything seems to be working except networking. I have to kick start it by using the command:

$ ifup eth0

It then goes and obtains an IP address.

If I use the demo image or if I build one using Narcissus, networking automatically starts on boot.

How do I go about getting networking to start at boot-up with my newly built image?