[OE-core] [meta-ti] Kernel 3.0 meta-ti recipe

Hi Jason,


Adding Steve...

I am seeing some very erratic memory corruption issues all morning,
both with NFS and MMC cards. The traces are at the end of this email.

I have narrowed down the issue to one of the 13 Sakoman patches:


       file://sakoman/0009\-rtc\-twl\-Switch\-to\-using\-threaded\-irq\.patch \\

I'm not familiar with the impact or the arguments being passed. If
some upstream changes happened in this area, this one might be a bit

This is it! Adding 0009 back causes the same irq problems to show up.
Do we need this patch for now?

I think you can leave it out for now. Are all the other ones back in?
Will you be sharing another test image?

Yes, I could share another image. Its uploading right now.

The memory corruption still shows up though once in 3 boots with the
other 12 patches in so we still have to narrow down, but for now I can
atleast get it to show the systemd boot messages almost always (and
then it hangs ofcourse due to a possible issue with systemd)

If you're going to be running it, I would appreciate it if you could
try to get systemd to show you debug messages using any technique and
share how you did it. So far I have added bootargs, modified systemd
configuration and also tried to start systemd using command line
options from the "init=" bootarg but haven't been able to make it show
anything useful.