OE kernel-modules question

Since I updated to the newest rev of linux-omap, and build the image I
wanted. However, the kernel modules loaded into rootfs were from the old
kernel (2.6.27-rc4-omap1), and not the new one 2.6.28-rc6-omap1. I looked
around a bit and found the package files were also still the old ones.
After messing around a bit I gave up, removed all of tmp and started the
"big" build.

So while that is running for the next few years (sarcasm) what should I have
done to try to fix this?

I tried bitbake -c clean linux-omap, tried bitbake kernel-modules (it said
there was nothing to do), tried removing the old kernel module packages
(assuming it would build the right ones again), and some other things, but I
just got errors.