Offline installation of xorg, xserver, gdm etc

        I have installed the ubuntu 10.10 minimal verson, and
configured to get the output on the laptop tv tunner. But I couldn't
connect it with internet, I have tried several time, but I failed.

Could some one help me installing the necessary desktop environment ,
xorg, gdm , etc in offline mode.
have some one tried? how to make dependency try and download all and
install with dpkg tool.

are you trying to install 10.10 minimal in laptop or board ??
if you have internel connection to any system which has Linux installed then you install minimal 10.10 in pendrive/sdcard.
boot in linux which has internet connectivity connect sdcard/pendrive to linux system .
use chroot and do
apt-get clean
apt-get install any package you will get exact needed packages in sdcard/pendriver /var/cache/apt/archives/
use these packges and do in necessary system dpkg -i *.deb