Old and New ELBE and Debian on BBB or Variant!


I am currently trying to follow this guide: https://bootlin.com/pub/conferences/2020/elce/maincent-building-embedded-debian-ubuntu-systems-elbe/maincent-building-embedded-debian-ubuntu-systems-elbe.pdf .

I run into issues, i.e. of course I am. So, I started a thread on ELBE’s github.com page online (RE: Hanging at 20% · Issue #305 · Linutronix/elbe · GitHub).

So, my questions are these:

  1. Has anyone successfully built ELBE recently, i.e. 2021 mid-year?


  1. If so, if the build worked, are you willing to share some expertise?


P.S. I figured I would try it out and see where it takes me. If you are bothered by this idea or my questions, please say so too! I am really just trying to build more on the BBB before hopefully moving to a board like the AI.

It seems their ideas are current and relative but the actual build does take quite a bit of time but stalls at 20% while trying to finish the installation. If this is known to the BBB users, okay. If not and if I am poking around the wrong tree here, fair. Just think of me as a starving actor in Hollywood!

Have you contacted the developers of that project?


Hello @RobertCNelson ,

Yes sir, I contacted them. Nothing yet but it has only been about two days or so.



The libtool that needed to be found is not libtool at all. It is libtool-bin. Outside of that idea, things go pretty smoothly (to a point).

Anyway…no more on this subject for now!