I know this is a bit premature given that there is quite a bit of development to do on the existing beagle board, but are there plans to migrate the BB to OMAP 4?

The article said that OMAP4 is only for high volume ODM and OEM, like most of TI’s OMAP family products.
Seems that OMAP353x chips are a test on the power of open source communitity from TI point of view. If beagleboard project can not bring in enough volume, it may not have future upgrade version.


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Yes it is very premature. Catalog is still working on their plans and schedules for OMAP4. When those plans are finalized, work will start on planning for OMAP4 for Beagle. However, please understand that these parts are not yet even in existence. It will be a long time before you see OMAP4 on Beagle.