"OMAP SD image" from Angstrom online builder - how long wait?


could you tell me approximately how long SD image is builded? I left it for about 7-8 hours and it was still “Assembling image” state. I tried other machine, browser and it is always the same. There is no problem with tar.gz image, it is possible to download after about one hour.
I know it depend on server load, but I tried not only one day.

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Maybe you should choose tar.gz images, as i never been able to get a sd image, but got some tar.gz. Sometimes it takes long, long time, but sometimes in 15min it’s ready.
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Yes, I can. Just wanted to kow what is wrong because I saw other people use it. Thanks.

W dniu poniedziałek, 3 września 2012 17:46:51 UTC+2 użytkownik Fernando Rocha napisał:

I suppose that you are talking about the Narcissus file system ‘factory’ web site. Yes, I tried it with various browsers/operating system platforms (Linux, MacOS X and Windows 7). Ironically, the Windows 7/Internet Explorer 9 combo worked best :-).

Try getting a small file system first to validate your browser, then move on to bigger and more elaborate ones if it worked for the smaller one. Make sure you ask for a *.tar.gz file.

It works faster too if you don’t request a development SDK for your file system, of course.

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Yves McDonald

2012/9/4 valdez <valdez151@gmail.com>