OMAP3 U-Boot v1 status

Just want to let you know that recent U-Boot mainline merged all (*) pending OMAP3 patches we sent to U-Boot list (**).

First, thanks to everybody who helped with this! As Wolfgang mentioned, it was a little tough again :wink:

Second, if you update your local gits, depending on the status, there might be some conflicts. Let me know if you have trouble, I will help then.

Best regards


(*) Well, all except the support for new Zoom2 board. Zoom2 patches are still under discussion.

(**) Short overview:

- Clean up timer code and switch to 1000Hz;a=commit;h=d3a513c23ba4100d6983161cdc1f747dfd087bbd

- Remove legacy unused NAND macros from config files;a=commit;h=42bf4b2248146abdc592bde0009c6ea42067f437

- Correct config files for changed mmcinit command;a=commit;h=a85693b3bd4431b05b7df608b6f7733c0f80c53e

- Add Beagle rev C detection and pin mux for rev C;a=commit;h=ac9140037a84629c5583066ff1a177396c47d89d

- Correct OMAP3 ESx.x detection, remove unused board detect code and switch to U-Boot's standard API to print CPU and board info;a=commit;h=cba0b778dd5f1ea32959b6825c7f0a31501a99d5;a=commit;h=90006e9b33bcdbf241b0295d186e3634137907a9;a=commit;h=6a6b62e3aa4b340c4f8fc67b1487ddb5436c684d